Shopping areas in Khon Kaen

Coming to Khon Kaen, visitors cannot miss shopping areas which provide everything you want from jewery, clothes, music to food, and you surely have relaxing time in this city, it will not be a wrong decision.

Ton Tan Market

This is Ton Tan Green Market, the newest lifestyle space in Khon Kaen. It’s half market and half mall. There are hundreds of luxury items, home decor and souvenir are sold in the market. Besides, visitors have opportunity to listen live music every night, art gallery is also available with a rooftop view of the entire market.

Central Plaza Khon Kaen

Located in Mueang District, Central Plaza Khon Kaen is one of the most attractive place in the city due to good services, various products, restaurants, music performance, modern cinema, hip bowling and massive recreation square. The unique design also impresses tourists at the first sight.

Khon Kaen Day & Night Market

It is said that there is no shortage of night markets in Thailand, Khon Kaen is one of the example. It contains a variety of items from clothes, bags, souvenirs to food and drinks. The atmosphere is also nice, people are friendly and helpful.

Fairy Plaza Night Market

Fairy Plaza Night Market is much smaller and much more traditional than others in the city. This is mostly a food and clothing night market. In spite of small size, this night market attracts quite a few people due to its central location as well as reasonable price.