Hanoi Shopping

To enjoy a completely wonderful and interesting trip, we often have to pay attention to a lot of things such as: attractions, famous destinations, culture and cuisine of the destination. Furthermore, one of the necessary and important things that you should care about that is travel essentials.

Some of the travel essentials that you should pay attention when traveling to Hanoi which will be provided now will help you more in enjoying a convenient and wonderful trip. Here we suggest some of the travel essentials in Hanoi with a hope that it will help you enjoy a really exciting and fascinating trip.


Money is considered the most important things that you should carefully prepare before traveling. You may have to spend money buying personal chattels, foods, goods and souvenirs as the gifts for relatives and friends. You can bring cash or credit and both of them should be kept in a safe protection.

Travel guides

Travel guide will help you plan and enjoy your entire trip. You should get to know what to see and do in the destination that you plan to visit. You should know about the transportation, weather and necessary things in the destination. Containing a map is also a necessary thing that you should prepare before traveling to Hanoi. It will help you reach the place you want to visit quickly and exactly.

Important documents

While traveling , you also should prepare the important documents and other requires forms of identifications such as: passports, visas, drivers’ licenses, identification card. These documents and identifications are necessary for you when traveling to any destination as you can not what will happen and what you are required to show in that destination. Therefore, do not forget to bring yourself important documents and identifications to avoid all of the complaints you may have on your trip.


It is important to prepare clothes and shoes carefully. You should not bring so many clothes, but it needs to be sufficient enough to use during the trip. Also, you should learn more about the weather of the visiting destination so as to bring the suitable clothes and shoes. Let’s bring what are really necessary and try to make it as tiny as you can.

Travel essentials play a very important role in helping you enjoy an entirely wonderful and memorable trip. Let’s pay attention to the above - mentioned essentials to enjoy your trip in a safe and convenient way.

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